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Nature Cure

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Naturopathy believes in two things:

That we fall ill when we go against the rules of nature, that all healing powers are within our body. Naturopathy helps the human system to remove from the body toxins and other unwanted matter which leads to disease.The treatments are prophylactic that is - removing the cause of the disease unlike other systems which treat only the symptoms.

As part of the Naturopathy / Ayurveda treatments, the Centre provides yoga, meditation, physiotherapy and other drugless therapies which help regain your lost health.

Depending on an individual's problem, Doctors at the Centre will recommend the correct therapies, diets, exercises and the duration of the treatments.

Naturopathy is recommended for patients with the following problems:

  • Obesity
  • Spondylitis
  • High blood pressure
  • Abdominal disorders
  • Uric Acid
  • Cholesterol
  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Anaemia
  • Migraine
  • Sinusitis
  • Chronic Constipation
  • Gout
  • Ulcers and other related problems.

Nature Cure Therapies

Massage Therapy

Oil Massage helps in toning up the body and is performed by experienced masseurs. Pure oil is used and is smeared and then kneaded all over the body systematically. The benefits include improved blood circulation to various parts of the body.

It cleans the skin pores thereby improving skin activity and its excretory function by activating the sweat and sebaceous glands. It also stimulates the millions of nerve endings that are located in the skin.

Vibro Massage is a dry massage that involves applying mild talcum powder on the body by machine to reduce friction. Various applicators are used and thus the massaged body parts are subject to thorough vibrations thereby stimulating the circulatory and nervous systems.

Other massages include Partial Massage, Ice Massage to head & spine and Under Water Massage.

Mud Therapy

Mud or Earth is one of the five elements of nature and is very effective on your body in health or sickness. It is one of the more commonly used Naturopathy treatments because mud has heat extracting properties due it retaining moisture over long periods of time. When applied to the body it cools down the treated part and reduces inflammation, also improving circulation of blood.

It also acts as a great purifier as it removes toxins from your system by stimulating your circulatory system. Mud along with water makes for a simple but very effective massage therapy process.

Hydro Therapy

Water, another element of the five elements of nature has multiple therapeutic effects. During ancient times royalty used to bathe in essential oils and flowers and in spring water to cure illnesses.

Today, Hydrotherapy is used as a tool to cure various diseases and to improve body fitness. Methods include hip bath, enema, spinal spray, deluxe hydro massage, steam and sauna, hot foot and arm bath, contrast hydro massage etc.

Nature Cure diet

It was preached by Hippocrates "Thy food thy medicine and thy medicine thy food" and rightly so.

Diet is the single most important aspect of your Naturopathy treatment. A nutritious diet plays a major role by providing your body much needed nutrients and thereby recuperating organs. The science of Ayurveda too emphasizes on the importance of a proper diet to cure ailments.

Maintaining a proper diet can help in leading a healthy life with no supplemental medicine required. Most of diseases arise from faulty food habits.

What does a Naturopathy diet consist of?

1. Fruits, vegetables and wholesome cereals. They have a lot of fibre and help in prevention of gastritis, indigestion, cancer, diabetes etc.

2. Various fresh juices - One of the best methods of consuming natural foods is in the form of juices. Fruit or vegetable juice are prescribed as per the patient and the illness.

What should be avoided?

Non-vegetarian foods are not part of a Naturopathy diet. Animal tissue when consumed increases the toxicity level of the body and it is low in fibre and comparatively less nutritious. Being high in calories it can lead to diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure among other ailments.

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